About US Drainage Systems


US Drainage Systems, LLC is the newest manufacturer in the geocomposite drain market, backed by a staff with one of the most extensive backgrounds in development, manufacturing, and marketing of geocomposite products.

US Drainage Systems, LLC services the engineering and architectural specification writer in the area of ground water remediation with products meeting or exceeding international specification requirements, both in testing and application. We service the end user contractor with the most cost effective product for the application.

US Drainage Systems, LLC addresses the excess ground water issues in the construction industry by providing a proven plastic drainage product that maintains the same long term performance unlike unpredictable stone and gravel installations.

US Drainage Systems, LLC staff has decades of experience developing, manufacturing, and marketing geocomposite drainage systems.

The US Drainage Systems, LLC staff has been involved with projects spanning the globe from Bogota, Columbia to local sports stadiums to a river in Taiwan.

US Drainage Systems, LLC has a vision, wherever an aggregate drainage system has been used or will be designed, we have a geocomposite drainage product that will outperform economically and conventionally. We hope that when ground water drainage is discussed in future engineering and architectural class rooms, our geocomposite drains will be discussed and compared as a better alternative to conventional aggregate drainage systems.